Trading Systems Engineer

Job: Trading Systems Engineer
Categories: Trading

Position Type: Full Time

Job Location: Sydney

Job Description

As part of our trade engineer and technology management team you will:

Primary Responsibilities

•    Work directly within a small team that works closely with both traders and IT
•    Help prioritize the IT teams development work, focusing on one team at a time
•    Work with IT and Systems team to come up with solutions to ideas and issues
•    Do exploratory research and analysis that identify trading opportunities through optimizing current settings,

infrastructure, and business logic
•    Identify and debug production issues through various monitoring tools
•    Help deploy and test new software


•    Bachelor’s degree in financial engineering, computer science, finance, economics, mathematics, or related field
•    History of academic excellence
•    Strong analytical skills
•    Self-starter
•    Ability to communicate effectively while under pressure
•    Good understanding of trading and risk management
•    Good understanding of coding languages and practices
•    Ability to communicate with developers
•    Problem solver
•    Ability to perform analysis on large sets of data
•    Ability to work in a dynamic environment
•    Experience required

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