Stock Research Analayst

Job: Stock Research Analayst
Categories: Trading

Position Type: Full Time

Job Location: Sydney

Job Description

As a research analyst, you will work with a team of experienced traders to identify trading opportunities in international markets.  You will be responsible for finding opportunities that will impact the underlying security and collaborating with senior traders to establish trading strategies.  As a member of the Equities Desk, you’ll find yourself immersed in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, where each day will present a new set of challenges.  You’ll be required to creatively solve problems and identify opportunities as they arise.

At EQR we pride ourselves on fostering a collegial environment that encourages you to flex your creative thinking abilities through informal discussion, allows you to obtain quick feedback, and gives you the opportunity to take on increasing responsibilities. Benefits include EQR's rigorous Training Program developed to train you in technical, trading and business areas as you progress along your career path.

Primary Responsibilities

•    Gather and analyze data and research from a variety of sources (i.e. regulatory filings, company documents,

industry research).
•    Conduct data collection and statistical studies.
•    Identify and analyze events that will have an impact on the stock or industry group.
•    Identify and analyze dependencies and/or relationships between stocks.
•    Effectively communicate analysis to senior traders to establish trading ideas around your research.


•    1+ years of industry experience
•    Experience with fundamental company research
•    Prior experience as a stock research analyst strongly preferred
•    Strong analytical and financial research skills
•    Problem solver
•    Self-starter
•    Ability to work well in a team setting
•    Ability to communicate effectively while under pressure