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Portfolio Strategy Services

The cornerstone of successful wealth management

We believe that understanding your situation and helping you set your objectives should be the starting point of every conversation regarding your wealth. Therefore, through our portfolio strategy services, we help you develop the right framework to achieve your financial goals.

With 5 experienced investment professionals in research and portfolio management, EQR Wealth Management has developed strong expertise in asset allocation and investment selection.

As an investment partner for successful individuals and wealthy families, our approach to portfolio strategy services covers three important areas designed to serve our clients’ financial needs.


Our approach

1. Analysis and objectives setting

  • Understanding your unique circumstances

  • Providing portfolio diagnostics of current assets and liabilities

  • Helping set and prioritise objectives

2. Strategy and portfolio structure

  • Advising on the most appropriate asset allocation

  • Defining or aligning the investment strategy

  • Designing the optimal portfolio structure

3. Governance and monitoring

  • Setting up or advising on investment governance

  • Monitoring investments and investment managers or assisting therewith 


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Portfolio Strategy Services


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