Creative Working

Learning & Development

We envision a human-centric organisation with an entrepreneurial spirit and continuous staff development.

At EQR, we recognise that learning is a competitive advantage

Mastery, purpose, personal and professional growth leading to fulfilment and employability are core aspirations of employees. EQR and the Learning & Development community of EQR ensure these needs are met in accordance with business strategies and in line with EQR’s Guiding Principles.

We work with experts and faculty members from renowned organisations such as Greenpeace Australia Pacific, The Smith Family, World Vision Australia, YHA Australia, Australian Institute of Business. We deliver immersive and impactful learning experiences for all employees and, more specifically, for key talents, young graduates, managers and leaders.

EQR Academy designs offsites, organises talks, positions e-learning campaigns and runs an opinion survey that helps determine employee needs, including Learning & Development. Our offering ranges from people and client leadership to communication and personal development. We offer different approaches, including in-class courses, coaching, mentoring, off-sites, e-learning, and much more besides. EQR also has more than 5 in-class workshops available.