Electronic Trader

Job: Electronic Trader
Categories: Trading

Position Type: Full Time

Job Location: Sydney

Job Description:

We are looking for an experienced electronic trader who enjoys working in a team environment.  As part of EQR's Equities Desk, you will have the opportunity to work with other traders and engineers to improve our risk management logic and processes.  

At EQR we pride ourselves on fostering a collegial environment that encourages creative thinking through informal discussions. Our flat structure allows you to obtain quick feedback, and gives you the opportunity to take on increasing responsibilities.  

Primary Responsibilities

•    Work directly within a small team that works closely with both traders and IT
•    Help prioritize the IT teams development work, focusing on one team at a time
•    Work with IT and Systems team to come up with solutions to ideas and issues
•    Do exploratory research and analysis that identify trading opportunities through optimizing current settings,

infrastructure, and business logic
•    Identify and debug production issues through various monitoring tools
•    Help deploy and test new software


•    Bachelor’s degree in financial engineering, computer science, finance, economics, mathematics, or related field
•    History of academic excellence
•    Strong analytical skills
•    Self-starter
•    Ability to communicate effectively while under pressure
•    Good understanding of trading and risk management
•    Good understanding of coding languages and practices
•    Ability to communicate with developers
•    Problem solver
•    Ability to perform analysis on large sets of data
•    Ability to work in a dynamic environment
•    Experience required

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