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At EQR, we focus on the long run, which is reflected in our investment approach. Indeed, we believe investment decisions are better taken with a long-term view even though this sometimes requires the courage to hold firm when short-term results seem disappointing.

In a financial environment characterised by growing complexity and low expected returns, a wealth manager’s investment expertise has become a key selection criterion, in addition to reputation and quality of relationship.

EQR has developed substantial expertise in asset allocation and investment selection, supported by 21 experienced investment professionals working in research and portfolio management.

Whether you are looking for a diversified strategy or a focused equity portfolio, EQR has a solution. Our discretionary offering provides a wide range of mandates from multi-asset to single-asset strategies covering every asset class including alternatives.



  • Classic: Based on our house view, our Classic mandates offer different asset allocations, depending on your investment horizon, risk appetite and reference currency.

  • Bespoke: Dedicated teams offer customised solutions and asset allocation strategies for large wealth owners. We can implement an institutional-like approach, inspired by the principles of endowment investing, or bespoke strategies with Private Equity and Hedge Fund tilts for clients with limited liquidity needs.

  • Equity: Based on our in-house research capabilities, our portfolio managers implement equity strategies, investing across sectors, regions or themes and following different investment styles.


  • Fixed income: Our fixed-income experts actively manage portfolios investing in sovereign, corporate and high-yield bonds. Our mandates follow different approaches ranging from investment-grade portfolios to absolute return strategies.


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