For 32 years we have invested in our people. What have we learnt? That our success, both present and future, depends not only on those already with us, but also on those who join us today.

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We offer attractive career opportunities with a long-term perspective across a wide range of business activities and locations.

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We are looking for talented individuals and are committed to helping them continue their development and training.

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Message from Rebecca Stoller

Head of EQR Human Resources


We aim to hire and retain the worlds leading experts in the investment fields we specialise in and offer our clients

We have made an effort in the past two years with university recruiting and social media to attract and retain talents.

I have worked with many firms during my career. But not many operate with EQR’s dedication to clients, with a strong culture built on respect, openness and comparatively little hierarchy.

Once people join us, they tend to stay. That’s because we take our time in the hiring process to make sure that you are a good fit for EQR and that EQR is right for you. It also means that your career with EQR is likely to be full of variety and opportunity in the years ahead.

We strongly believe in lifelong learning and to this end in 2018 we established the EQR Trading Programme — our in-house learning and development facility. We also believe that diversity and inclusion are key to our future success.

Working at EQR means acting with integrity, independence and striving for excellence in whatever we do, whether acting for clients or working with each other.

I hope we have piqued your interest. We’d be happy to hear from you.