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Banking with EQR

EQR works with top tier clearing agencies and banks all around Australia for easy clearance and settlement of client funds depending on the location of your funds


Good decision-making requires timely, accurate and comparable data on investment performance. EQR therefore offers several types of reports, depending on your needs.

In addition to the usual financial statements, available with various levels of detail, we also offer specific reports such as an investment management report with detailed performance and asset allocation data, a performance analysis report with the possibility to analyse in detail manager performance, as well as an accounting view of asset statements and transactions.

We can arrange for your reports to be delivered through EQR Live, your online account. Apart from providing portfolio information updated daily, EQR Live enables you to create your own reports, analyse data and access an archive that stores all past advices, statements and reports.

Strategic Asset Reporting (STAR)

This customised report provides a summary overview of your consolidated assets as well as detailed analyses of asset classes and mandates compared to their respective strategic asset allocations and benchmarks.

The STAR system can present data in many different forms – for example, comparing portfolio performance on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis against a specified benchmark. This report is aimed at providing relevant information for appropriate decision-making at all levels of an overall investment process.

Fund services

EQR can assist you in the set-up of a private label fund, either by opening a sub-fund in an existing structure or by setting up your own structure.


As your custodian, we will handle a number of aspects of asset administration. These include collecting income, settling trades, proxy voting and corporate actions. Your cash will be managed actively, and we will organise payments and credit facilities should you require these. We can organise securities lending to third parties, giving you the opportunity to generate further income.

Global custody

Appointing a Global Custodian makes it easier to safeguard your assets. This will leave you free to choose your portfolio managers and bring in new asset managers while also providing a full and comprehensive overview of your total wealth – including financial assets such as hedge funds, private equity and real estate, which might not have aligned valuation dates, and other assets such as strategic participations.


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