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Amelia Stevens

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Amelia Stevens

Head of Asset Management

With a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, a keen mind for all things numerical, statistical and quantifiable through advanced mathematical models, Amelia has the perfect background to be leading our Asset Management team having managed in excess of 10billion during her career.

Amelia and her team are always on the lookout for unknown factors and are  responsible for backtest and new strategies and models.

When not working more hours than anyone else in the office, Amelia is passionate about table tennis and mahjong.


T: +61 2 8210 5230


A Day in the life of our Head of Asset Management

How did you find out about EQR? ​

What made you decide to join our team? 

What do you like best about working here?

Through a friend who had recently taken a job with EQR, I heard they were looking for someone to join their asset management team and enquired after.

After deciding to interview with EQR I could see it was a natural fit for my career and I wasn't wrong. The levels of flexibility, encouragement and education available are rarely found in other institutions.

The people. From technologists to quants to managers to operations, everyone at EQR is extremely bright and generally even-tempered. This allows for the free flow of ideas, which helps us work as a team to accomplish our goals.

What is unique about your current role? 

The support other teams give allowing me and my team to really understand and asses our clients wealth. Show them what to do with it, where and how to invest it. Asset Management can be a fine balance between spending too much time studying suitable strategies and the markets and taking the time to understand what your client really is looking for. This freedom is what is unique, in the majority of my previous roles our team kept to themselves and didn't take advantage of sharing and allowing other teams to share with us like we do here.

We talk a lot about teamwork and collaboration trading. where do you see this demonstrated in your current role?

As Head of the Asset Management team, I have to collaborate with several groups on a daily basis. I get input from other teams and managers who may be using our amodels or strategies on their desks. I collaborate with the technology team to build new features in our tools and models, and I work with our quant team to backtest and optimize trading ideas. Since we all sit with each other, we’re interacting constantly.

Walk us through a typical day in your life

I would already have caught up with most of the market news and work emails on my mobile during my commute. But the real work starts when I fire up my terminal to check in on the bond yields, index spreads and her portfolio positions then its time to call clients! The next few hours will be spent calling clients, following up on discussions, catching up on business and discussing new opportunities. It is important to remain vocal and close to my clients, nurturing and building relationships. An integral part of building relationships is through regular contact & personal communication.

What is your favorite thing about living in Sydney?

Sydney has recently been voted one of the best cities world wide to live. Your friends, if they reside in the centre, live relatively close to you, so you are able to see them frequently. Also, due to the huge amount of innovation and investment in the city there is always something new and exciting to experience.